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The tyre company Goodyear was founded in 1898 in the USA by Frank Seiberling and now justifies over 120 years of experience in high performance tyres. Goodyear manufactures tyres for passenger cars, trucks and light trucks, motorcycles, SUVs… it has many ranges of tyres including summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Thanks to its excellent performances, the tyres of the brand are highly ranked and recommended by experts all around the world. This contrabutes in increasing Goodyear’s worldwide brand awareness. This brand awareness is even more improved as Goodyear is the official partner of German soccer team the FC Bayern Munich.

The brand’s many years of experience makes Goodyear one of the largest manufacturers in the world, with 69 000 employees and 48 manufacturing facilities in 22 countries, including South Africa. Together with its U.S. and international subsidiaries, Goodyear develops, manufactures, markets and distributes tyres for most applications. Thanks to Goodyear’s brand recognition, Goodyear tyres are fitted as standard by lots of top car manufacturers.

You can rely on the Goodyear tyre's quality which is driven by innovation. Innovation is at the heart of the brand’s identity: Goodyear scientists and engineers work really hard with research and marketing analysts to identify market trends and then implement new technologies for their next generation of products. Goodyear is always trying to make the best tyres that suit their customers and give them the best driving experience with comfort and safety.


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