Mounting and maintenance of your Firestone tyres

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Our Point S centers distribute Firestone tyres and offer a large range for all vehicles : passenger cars, SUV’s, vans and others !

Our experts are at your disposal to advise you and to help you finding your ideal Firestone tyre according your driving behaviour and your vehicle.


About Firestone 

Firestone range of tyres builds on a heritage of strength and reliability spanning over 100 years. The iconic brand is also well-known for its musical legacy that continues today with Firestone LIVE, a series of authentic live music experiences that bring musicians and music lovers together. Firestone became part of Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s number one tyre and rubber company, in 1988. 


Firestone tyres for all vehicles

Firestone, recently, has launched six new tyres very competitive, completely renewing its products portfolio.

Thanks to continuing investments, Firestone brings its heredity with a modern, complete and reliable offer, ensuring high performances and excellent value for money. The range was created and expanded every year to satisfy all the needs vehicle drivers.

Three of these products represent the range and were exhibited at the international fair in Geneva:

  • Roadhawk offers the highest level of wet grip, for which it has obtained the A level in the European label and has been designed to offer lasting performance over time, indeed it has proved to be the best in the category even with worn tires (20,000km). The tyre has also been shown to have the best braking grip.
  • Multiseason is suitable for every season and driving conditions, so drivers will not be surprised by sudden changes in climate! This tyre offers the convenience and the possibility to save money by using it all year round.
  • Winterhawk offers to drivers balance, responsiveness and handling: features necessary to maintain driving control on the snow.


Where to buy Firestone tyres?

Would you like to have Firestone tyres fitted? Find your nearest Point S center and do not wait to make an appointment!