Fit and maintenance of your Cooper tyres

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Cooper tyres are built for enthusiasts, weekend off-roaders, explorers, comfort class customers and those driven by the open road. Cooper tires has a progressive approach to all aspects of the business with heavy investment in research and development. This amongst many other factors, makes Cooper tires a global leader in the industry.

Cooper tires are driven by passion and have a genuine desire to make the world’s best tyres. So that’s what we do. Welcome to a whole new road of opportunity.


About Cooper Tyres

Cooper. Quality is a non-negotiable.

Commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction is a mainstay and has paid clear dividends. Delivering superior products is not just a requirement, it's a passion.

Cooper tyres last.

Tough, tenacious and intelligent, this comprehensive range of tyres has been built to last. And in these tough economic conditions, it all comes down to value.

It is important to note that value for money doesn’t just mean price. In a Cooper tyre there is more tread going around and across the tyre. This means more strength inside the tyre is needed to support the extra tread on top. This robust construction and tread depth means better grip, more puncture resistance and more mileage. All equating to better long-term value.

Where to buy Cooper tyres?


Where to buy Cooper tyres?

Would you like to have Cooper tyres fitted? Find your nearest Point S center and do not wait to book an appointment!