Truck tyres services and maintenance

Because your tyre is the only component between your truck and the ground, it is important to maintain your truck tyres to ensure the sustainability of your activity. If your tyre fails, your activity stops. The consequences can involve difficulties for your business. Relax! A part of our Point S shops are specialized in truck tyres and provide many services around wheels and tyres such as replacement, repair, balancing and more!

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Truck tyres are quite different from light vehicles tyres. Their design is very different, the rubber components are not the same. It should also be noted that for trucks, each tyre has a specific place. Similarly, the side strips of truck tyres are reinforced, making them more resistant. Engineers' priority is handling but also fuel economy.


Truck tyre maintenance

Did you know that your truck tyre can drive along 1 million kilometers if it is well preventively maintained? As tyre experts, we carry out the full maintenance of your truck tyres:

  • Puncture detection and tyre condition inspection
  • Control of the valves' system and replacement of the sealing valve plugs
  • Pressure control according to the recommendations of the manufacturers with inflation pistol certified ISO.
  • Torque wrench and ISO certified at recommended tightening torques
  • Clamping wheels

All of our truck tyres can potentially be retread, according to the manufacturer's recommendations.


Balancing and alignment for truck tyres

Point S centers are equipped with the latest automotive equipments for truck wheel alignment and balancing.

  • High precision electronic wheel and tyre balancing
  • Tyre balancer calibrated under ISO procedure
  • Tyre alignment adjustment performed according to manufacturers' recommendations
  • Control report of tyre alignment of the vehicle (before and after adjustment)
  • Electronic device calibrated under ISO procedure.


Truck tyre brands

Point S is able to negotiate the best prices with most of the world major tyre manufacturers. All the most famous brands are offered by our team: Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental. Choose your premium truck tyres with Point S!

Choosing Point S is choosing the proximity of an independent group organised under a strong brand, to make you enjoy the truck tyre services at the best value for money!  For more information, make an appointment with our experts or visit your nearest Point S center !

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