Shock absorbers

A pothole or a road in poor condition: fortunately, shock absorbers make driving more comfortable and safer! Have you thought about getting them checked? We tell you everything about the diagnosis of shock absorbers, the risks of worn shock absorbers and how Point S checks and replaces them to keep your vehicle in conditio

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How do shock absorbers work?

The shock absorbers are one of the most important components of the suspension of a car with the tyre and the spring. It ensures an optimal link between the road and the tyre. Shock absorbers decrease rebounds and plate tyres on the ground. They make driving more stable and comfortable because they reduce bounces and vibrations.

Shock absorbers are solicited about 5000 times per kilometer! The harder your shocks are adjusted, the more your handling will be preferred: if they are more flexible, it will enhance your driving comfort.

Our expertise on the replacement of shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are not visible, which makes their checking more difficult. Moreover, drivers tend to get used to their wear and will adapt their driving stye and behavior accordingly. Thus, it is important to get them checked regularly by a professional because their wear can lead to many troubles.

At Point S, we check your shock absorbers to ensure your safe driving. If we notice any trouble on suspensions or shock absorbers, we replace them at a competitive price because at Point S, we believe that security should not be a matter of budget!

Which are the Risks of worn shock absorbers?

Many people are not aware of the dangers that occur when driving with worn shock absorbers. It is important to check them regularly because their wear can lead to the following risks:

  • Premature tyre wear worn shock absorbers can reduce the lifetime of your tyres because of flat spots that appear after bounces on the road. The tyres lose their capacity to remain in contact with the road.
  • Longer braking distances and impacted ABS system. The distance for the vehicle to be stopped will be 2 meters longer for a 50 km/h speed. It will even reach 6 meters on wet road. Imagine the consequences when sudden braking on the highway...
  • Loss of control of the trajectory
  • Aquaplaning: aquaplaning can happen even if your tyres are in good condition.
  • Reduced driving comfort: the vibrations that occur because of worn shock absorbers make driving less comfortable and can also involve tiredness. It is dangerous when you must drive for long distance!

When to replace shock absorbers?

We recommend you check the shock absorbers every 20,000 kms and ideally replace them every 70,000 kms. Suspension kits and springs should also be replaced at the same frequency. For your safety, the geometry of the running gear also has to be verified.

In case you notice one of the following indicators, it means that your shock absorbers are worn and should be checked:

  • You feel vibrations while driving
  • The tyre is worn unevenly
  • Swerving or nose diving while braking

Did you identify one of the indicators above? Don’t waste more time and make an appointment or visit your Point S centre for checking your shock absorbers.

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