Car Maintenance service advice

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You will learn all the best practices for maintaining your vehicle, the symptoms of wear and tear of the various components and the reflexes to adopt when an anomaly is detected. In addition, the Point S experts explain to you the steps taken during the interventions in the interests of transparency. 

Why trust your Point S experts to service your car?

Does your car need maintenance or an engine overhaul?

Through our Point S network, we offer you a whole range of maintenance, repair and overhaul services adapted to all makes of car. Indeed, our aim is your safety.  That's why we guarantee that your car will be maintained and serviced to the highest standard.

In addition, to improve your experience, we offer you the possibility of making an appointment online.

Discover online the services offered by Point S through these articles and benefit from the skills and experience of our Point S experts who can intervene for all necessary repairs or maintenance. Take advantage of the best value for money and have your car repaired or serviced at your nearest Point S car-center.

Articles to learn you but also to improve your skills

You are not a professional mechanic, but you would like to be able to check the condition of your car yourself? The Point S experts give you their best tips for keeping your car in good condition, both inside and out. What is the best way to take care of your car? How to manage an oil change? How to disinfect your car interior? How to maintain your bodywork? With our tips you will learn how to take care of your car at all levels.

In addition, our Point S experts will give you recommendations on how to optimise the use of your air-conditioning system, explain and detail our balancing and bodywork services, and explain how we take care of your windscreen! 

Obviously, mechanics is not a game and if in doubt, call on our experts who will be waiting for you in your nearest centre.