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point S is a leading independent tyre and car service dealer network worldwide. Its founded on independent tyre dealers aquiring membership in point S. point S then offers its members among other advantages group buying power, harmonised brand building, its own private label products and marketing guidelines. point S allows you to stay independent within the advantages of a group. 
Read more about the point S concept below or If you would like to find out more please email us or contact our Channel Development Andrew Smale on 
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Background of point S and South Africa

point S was establishment in 1971 in France. Since then all the network members have shared the same objective; to promote their status of tyre specialists and professionals, while staying totally independent from any tyre manufacturer or financial fund. So while each point S member remains an independent entrepreneur point S offers an attractive and modern retail concept which can be adapted to any point-of-sale and business area. 
point S continued its globalisation policy with its establishment on the African continent through a partnership with the South African buying group Unity Tyre Trading (Tyre Alliance). Tyre Alliance was created in 2009 and is composed of 11 independent members owning 18 points-of-sales. The Alliance was drawn to point S because of the similar value system and great programme and concept that they have developed over 42 years of using the knowledge and experience of tyre dealers from across the world. 
Africa is ready for Point S, because they developed a model that would protect the individuality of the member and allow him to be entrepreneurial while still having the strength and protection of a group behind him. The point S concept not only focuses on all the services and products offered by the members in South African but internationally includes even more products and services that could benefit the local members. With point S the member’s clout in terms of buying power and negotiation is greatly enhanced. 
Through the enormous size of the group the full package can be implemented at a cost lower than most of the competitor networks with a much smaller value package. This makes the point-S concept affordable and accessible to all the sectors of the South African market and population adding value and benefit to small and large dealerships.


point S Exclusive Private Label Tyres

point S has developed its own pr private label with a complete range of summer (around 60 items including Vans and 4x4) and winter tires (around 40 items including Vans and 4x4), namely:

The Summerstar tyres are manufactured in Europe to meet the constraints of the South African road network and climate for the daily satisfaction of South African drivers. We have already started with the importing and selling of the Summer Star tyres in South Africa.
In accordance with our international strategy of diversifying into automotive maintenance, point S Development has implemented a streamlined international car parts supply policy and has developed its own-label product range in cooperation with leading international parts manufacturers.
"Thanks to point S products, our members distance themselves from the competition with an impressive range generating high profit margins. The point S Summerstar and Winterstar tyre ranges are a great opportunity for our members to create customer loyalty with an exclusive and competitive product they can trust for its quality. point S’s International consolidated volumes allow us to benefit from this exclusive offer we could not get otherwise solely with our national market potential." - Jorgan Jakobsen, point S Denmark


point S Preferred Supplier Agreements

point S Development has established international cooperation agreements and partnerships with car part, wheel and garage equipment suppliers, and major tyre manufacturers. 
These partnerships assure that each point S country organization benefits from: 
  • Direct products supply from our preferred suppliers
  • Exclusive International products and brands
  • We conduct a rationalisation process of supplier reference listings on both an international and national scope to maximize benefits for all point S members.

Recognition as a purchasing group with an international consolidation of the members' volumes and corresponding optimized purchasing conditions.

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